About Us

One hundred years ago most of the hillsides in southern Indiana were heavily over-grazed by beef cows and the flat land was deep plowed for commodity crops.  All parts of the land were grazed or plowed.  Herds were allowed to wander up the steepest hillsides and down into the bottoms of fragile creek beds.  Fields were plowed right of to the banks of creeks, county roads drove across creek beds, forests were gone, and little thought was given to the amounts of topsoil being washed away.  By the 1930’s the land was so scarred and eroded that it was said to look more like a moonscape.  With the loss of soil and habitat, our forests, fish, and wildlife disappeared. That was then.

Today, most of the steeper land in this region is again forest land.  Beefs are rotationally grazed on flatter land fenced off from creeks.  No-till planting has replaced the plow on commodity crops.  Great attention is given towards limiting soil erosion, keeping creeks clean, vehicles out, allowing wildlife to thrive, and practicing good land management.  Forest, fish, and wildlife have all made tremendous recoveries.

One of our goals is to help restore the land back to a healthy and productive life.  Maple trees are carefully tapped so as to yield their crop of maple sap year after year.  Fields have been planted with a variety of plants favored by honey bees.  And a natural diversity of plants and animals native to this region is encouraged.

We planted thousands of oak, walnut, cherry, and hickory trees, plus many more thousands of trees have naturally germinated in pastures being converted back to forests.

A new goal has been to bring back a diversity of trees.  Recently we’ve been planting Willow, Catalpa, Osage Orange, Hawthorne, Chestnut, Pecan, Butternut, Shellbark, Hazlenut, Yellowwood, and PawPaw trees.  Big leaf magnolia, Wahoo, and Sourwood trees are in the works.

Maple Bee Farm LLC is a family owned business in Indiana.   

DSC_2535-001We produce 100% pure maple syrup, raw honey, baked goods, and other farm products.  Our goal is to be as completely natural and environmentally friendly as we can be.  Enjoy life with a small amount of pure maple syrup or honey in your everyday diet.   Check our Facebook page for current information.

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