Beekeeping, Honey and links to good information

The Importance of Bees  This link takes you educational resources that help people understand how bees contribute to the growth and evolution of our society and wildlife.

Indiana Beekeepers Association   The Indiana state level bee club

Spring Valley BeeKeepers  The local level bee club

Scientific Beekeeping  An excellent websites for beekeeping.

National Honey Board.  A well done website with a lot of information on honey.

USDA nutrient data base for honey.  Full details on 6,000 different foods.

Honeypedia  All things honey and bees.

Pollinator plants.  An incredible selection of posters showing the pollinator plants that bees and butterflies enjoy.  These are the plants bees and butterflies need as food and to survive.

The Practical Beekeeper  Michael Bush shares his thoughts on natural beekeeping.